Blame it on the rain… 1

2015-07-21 19.05.39

The garden this year has been pretty sad.  It’s hard to see months of care and hard work wither and die.  We have had quite a bit of above normal temps and rain, rain, rain.  This past Saturday alone we got three inches in just as many hours.  All the tomatoes that were ripening have cracked and rotted on the vine.

I’m not alone – I have many online garden “friends” that are all suffering backyard gardening woes.  Tomorrow will be a painful day of pulling plants and calling it quits on much of it.  We live to play another day I suppose.  There is always next year to plan and look forward to.

The hot peppers are doing pretty well despite all the poor weather.  I have a good load of jalapenos to cut and pickle tomorrow and some cayenne peppers to dry and make pepper flakes from.  I’ll take what I can get.

I need to select a new book to start!  I have whittled down my To Read pile and only have a few left.  I’ve forbid myself from requesting anything new until I’ve gotten through what is still hanging around.  I’m hoping the second part of the week will be a bit cooler.  Is it possible for it to be too hot to read?  Yes!  I like to sit out and read in my Adirondack chair in the quiet sunshine, but when it’s 100 outside plus a heat index it’s just too much.

The kitties are doing what they do best.  Napping!  Lexie thinks it’s too hot to get out of bed.  Simon has been in a funk which has everyone else in one.

2015-07-21 12.22.39  2015-07-21 12.23.00

Hoping tomorrow is a better day


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One thought on “Blame it on the rain…

  • Patty

    Oh…that’s so sad about the tomatoes…we have been stuffing ourselves with local tomatoes on toast. Our fave food in the summer!

    My tomatoes in pots are still green but my Amish bestie says they will turn red…it just takes longer. You are so good with your TBR piles…I admire that!