A new week… 1

This weekend was nice and slow.  Friday was bike rides and Costco shopping and Saturday felt like Sunday all day so it was almost like a long weekend.

The family is on vacation in OBX this week, so it will be a quiet and slow week – never a bad thing.  The hubbs and I haven’t been down for several years but sometimes we enjoy “stay-cation” at home.  This year he’s not off from work so it’s a normal week for us.

I’ve been searching through NetGalley and GoodReads for upcoming books and it’s a mixed feeling when all the holiday season books are out for early review.  It’s July and already with the holidays…my local craft beer store even has fall seasonal beer out already.  I am having a hard time with this.

Yesterday I almost died from sneezing!  Well not really but I had some kind of bizarre allergy attack and for hours and hours I just sneezed!  A Benedryl coma is not the best way to spend the day in but at least the sneezing has stopped this morning.

Avery was back yesterday.  He’s like a little ninja!  I hardly ever see him and I only assume he’s getting the food I put out.  I do know that he’s not eating all of it and some sort of critter has discovered the buffet.  I’ll have to find a less expensive way to feed him if the wildlife is going to eat it too.  I also won’t fill up his bowl but I’ll have to put a bit in every evening for him. I’m hoping eventually he won’t bolt as soon as he sees me.

Off to put a dent in my book, and maybe some coloring this afternoon!


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