Summertime Blues

I know it’s only the end of July but I’m sort of over this summer.  I’m ready for fall and cooler weather!  I’m ready to be done with the terrible, terrible garden this year.  Everything is dying and I’m mad and sad about it.  I think next year I’m taking a break from it.  I may spread some wild flower seeds and call it a day.  This pitiful season has sucked all the green thumb ambition right out of me.

We are forecast to have yet another week (or more) in the low 90’s!  I always think I could never live up north where it gets cold and snowy but this time of year always wish I lived where it wasn’t so damn not for so long!  It will be this way through September and I’m grouchy about it.

The kitties are their sleepy little selves.  They don’t mind the heat really.  It’s 90 out and Lexie is on her heating pad and under a blanket!  Makari, on the other hand,  plants himself right in front of the fan and lounges on the cool floor.

Last night I stayed up waaay to late to finish my book!  Iv’e been a big reader as far back as I can remember and I always liked to stay up and read.

At the Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen was really good.  Sometimes you read a book and you can’t really place why you like it. This was just really well written and a good story.  Check out the full review on Goodreads.


Off to start some laundry! Stay Cool!


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