On a Whim…

2015-07-29 15.32.06

Yesterday afternoon the hubbs and I decided to take a last minute trip down to the Outer Banks to have dinner with my family on vacation down there.  We only live about an hour and a half away and it’s not a bad drive.

Everyone was surprised to see us!  We played Bingo, and my grandma won!  She was very happy and it’s always fun when someone in your group wins.

 Bingo Mom Mom

Today is (still) hot!  It’s so hot and humid that my garage is muggy and unpleasant to be in which means I don’t foresee me finishing that laundry from yesterday…well at least not until tonight anyway.  The weather men can’t decide if we are supposed to have any storms/rain.  All week they’ve been saying severe storms today…then this morning they decided nope, not anymore.  With all the large clouds looming I’m not sure they are right….are they ever?

We have seen Avery the ninja kitty several times over the past few days.  I’m not sure if he’s out and about more or if we are getting better at knowing what time of day to look for him.  I suppose in the next few weeks we’ll have to make a decision about trapping him/her for neuter/spay surgery and getting a more permanent residence for him in the back yard.

Not sure if I’m picking a new book today or just taking a break….


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