End Of the Week 1

Friday!!  It’s been a lazy day to end my lazy week.  It’s been a Ho-Hum sort of week and I’m okay with that once in awhile.  I don’t really have much planned for next week either!

The hubbs and I did go out for a (hot and sweaty) nice bike ride.  Once again, can’t wait til it’s cooler out! But the traffic is really light in the afternoons so that’s why we ride mid-day.

I’ve broken my rule not to request anymore new books until after I got through the ones I have still to read.  I knew I wouldn’t make it!

It’s a quiet day and I’m glad for that…the kitties were all up in a ruckus last night.  Grace is supervising my computer time. She would like to color I think 😉  She enjoys sitting on the book and smelling the pencils.

2015-07-31 15.35.51

Maybe a trip to Whole Foods over the weekend.  I get into trouble there if I’m not supervised…too many good things!

Enjoy your weekend!


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