Another Monday…

The start of another week and the last ones of summer.  Before we know it, school will be starting, the nights will be crisp and Christmas will be in every store!  I could take or leave the latter…they just start with it too early these days!

The end of summer brings with it Hurricane Season!  We have not had a bad storm here in quite awhile though we normally get at least one tropical system a year that blows through.  August and September are when we really have to start paying attention.  Luckily, we live in an area not too affected by winter storms.

I had a friend put out a request for good books to read, I love helping people find new books to love!!  I’m sure I sent her way too many suggestions!  I love when people read a great book and want to pass it along.

I started this over the weekend.  I read the first several chapters thinking ‘I don’t know if I really like this…I’ll read a bit more and maybe put it down.’  Now I’m creeping up on half way through and I just keep plugging along to see what happens.  It’s not bad at all…it just has a sci-fi element that I don’t really care for.


The kitties have had a fine time shredding a cardboard I’m off to clean up!


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