Rainy Thursday 1

Today I woke up to the sound of a downpour!  It’s supposed to rain most of today and tomorrow and I’m great with that!  I don’t mind the rain. I know some people hate it  but I’d be a great person to live in the Pacific North West with the drizzle and rain.

Today will be a banana bread making, reading, coloring kind of day, and maybe tomorrow too!  The kitties all nap on rainy days so we have some peace and quiet.

Last night I made some good progress with Avery the outside kitty!  I haven’t seen him for a few days but he popped up last night around 9:30.  I went and sat in the yard and chatted with him.  I got to within about 20 feet of him which was great!  He usually bolts as soon as I open the back door.  He finally had too much and scooted off when some of my noisy neighbors came home and let their dog out. Sigh! Oh what I’d do for some space!

Here is a TBT of Grace as a baby kitten!  She was only seven weeks old when we rescued her from foster care.  What a lovie! She was so tiny that she needed help getting up on the sofa to snuggle.

DSC_4217 DSC_4262

Happy Thursday


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