Monthly Archives: November 2015

Happy Cyber-Monday

One of the biggest online shopping days of the year is today. So far I’ve spent less than five bucks.  I’m hoping for some good holiday shopping opportunities later in the day. We’ll see.  It always seems like if you don’t need a new t.v. or baby toys then you […]

sassy cat

Let the Holidays Begin 2

Happy Thanksgiving!  The holiday season shall now commence! It all starts with a personal favorite – an all out shopping spree.  I used to Black Friday bargain hunt in the wee hours of the morning tromping from store to store. These days however, I take a more laid back approach […]

..and so it goes 1

Once again I have abandon and then re-discovered my blog.  Consistency just so happens not to be my strong suit.  However, I’ll take it as a positive sign that I was beginning to miss it and jumped back in. I’ll blame my recent lack of dedication on the fact that […]