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Back from the Holiday Crush!

Okay so I know that I have totally and completely bailed on my blog during the past two weeks or so.  Shame on me but really this is no surprise.  I don’t know how many ways I can say that I just don’t keep up with stuff! So anyway here […]

sassy cat

sassy cat

A Day Gone to the Dogs 1

Yesterday started off pretty good, but on our way home from The was derailed.  Wondering on the main road into our neighborhood were two dogs! A little spunky yorkie and an older cocker spaniel. After attempting to contact people in the homes right were we found the pups, and […]

Day of Fun 1

Yesterday was a holiday time Day of Fun.  Basically it was perusing the mall, window shopping, and buying way too much candy and junk that I had no business eating! It is kind of a waste of a day but it’s also relaxing to wander mindlessly with no real “gift […]