Happy December!


Today is December first and it hardly seems possible to me.  I think those fall months of cleaning out, painting, and moving just destroyed my sense of time.  It could also be the near 70* weather we’ve had around here!  No snowmen in my future for sure however, I am not complaining.

I am really looking forward to the day when a workout does not need to be followed by a nap and half a bottle of ibuprofen!  Today is not that day! Yesterday’s Zumba class totally kicked my butt and I felt every minute of it this morning.  If the old adage  “No Pain, No Gain” is true then I have gained a lot in the past week.  Tomorrow’s Zumba class attendance is questionable.

Today needs to be laundry day!  Fortunately most everything is washed so it’s  really just a put away day.

Decided my next read is this one and I’m totally looking forward to it!


Happy December all!



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