Work It!



Today the hubbs and I made another venture up to The Y.  It’s so quiet in there during the mid-day!  We are lucky to be able to sneak up there pretty much whenever the mood strikes…ah the joys of working from home.

This was my first time in the weight room but it was much easier and less intimidating than I expected.  Tomorrow maybe Zumba, maybe not, but Monday is definitely going to be a barre class.  So excited for that!

I’m half way finished with Luckiest Girl Alive.  It’s so good!  I love the snarky, sarcastic main character Ani -I feel she is a kindred spirit.  I rarely move through a book so fast but this one I’d sit and read all day!  Definitely going to look forward to more from author Jessica Knoll.

The warm weather seems to have given up the ghost finally.  The past few days have been drizzly and grey, but warm, while today the clouds have moved on and left a breezy chill in their wake.  Yes, I’m complaining about temps in the mid-fifties in December! I know some of you are LOL-ing at me but that’s fine – I’ll be snickering at you when it’s below 0  in your neck of the woods.

Off to read!

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