Drip Drip Drop 1


It has been very grey and rainy Monday.  I braved the chaos and ran some shopping errands – then came home to the warm and dry and did some online shopping!  I much prefer the latter.

Yesterday’s workout at the Y introduced me to a new arch nemesis:  The Lateral Elliptical machine.  This is a modern day torture device for sure.  I look forward to the day I can make it my bitch…

Tonight is my first Barre Fitness class.  I’m excited about this as it seems like fun! Maybe I should reserve judgment on that until after I’m finished with the class!!

angels burning

Reading this one – I’m about half way through and so far it’s good.  I’ve read work from Tawni O’Dell before that I enjoyed so I was happy to pick this one up.

I’ve requested too many books again and my TBR pile is growing rapidly. First world problems I know!  What’s a gal to do with so many books!!  I am just glad to get back to “normal” have the time to read!


Happy Monday!!



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