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Yesterday was a holiday time Day of Fun.  Basically it was perusing the mall, window shopping, and buying way too much candy and junk that I had no business eating!

It is kind of a waste of a day but it’s also relaxing to wander mindlessly with no real “gift purchasing” agenda, though I was able to snag one or two items on my list.

Harry and David is one of my favorite places for goodies.  I love those pears!  Good me would have bought pears.  Instead, the bag was full of truffles, pretzel dips, and Hammond’s Candy Canes!

Sadly, some of the holiday shopping bills are starting to roll in and that makes people in my house grouchy.

angels burning

Finished this one the other night.  It was pretty good!  Certainly one I’d recommend.  Look for the full review to pop up later  today, but the big picture is a small town cop investigating the murder of a local teen girl. She has a hum-dinger of a family and the book is full of interesting suspects.  Our main character, the cop, also has quite a back story of her own and her personal and professional lives are messy.

After yesterdays goodies binge there is no escaping the treadmill and weight machines today! Off to feel the burn…




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