A Day Gone to the Dogs 1

Yesterday started off pretty good, but on our way home from The Y..it was derailed.  Wondering on the main road into our neighborhood were two dogs! A little spunky yorkie and an older cocker spaniel.

After attempting to contact people in the homes right were we found the pups, and having no luck, I lured them to follow me home.  Thank GOD for that half pack of Mc D’s fries in my back seat!  Being too lazy to clean out my car does have advantages.

We put up some signs and thankfully their mommy came home from work a few hours later and called to retrieve them.  Sammy and Chloe spent the night safe back at home.

2015-12-09 13.53.17

Our afternoon guests

The resident Sassy Cats were not very excited about the new inhabitants of the back deck.  They recovered quickly.

Today has been laundry and laziness…nearly my perfect sort of day as I can always do without the laundry!  I don’t know how two people have so many dirty clothes!!!

On the advice of a family member, the hubbs and I have discovered Kraken Rum.  I am a huge rum girl.  Mojitos, straight up, with a splash of coke…all are fine by me.  My favorite is Pyrat though I do have some Mt. Gay that’s pretty good too.  Recently though, we added some Kraken to our liquor shelf.  It’s pretty good and I like it in a mixed drink though I don’t recommend it as a straight sipper.



The hubbs is on vacay next week! Not sure what all is planned but I think we are going to visit our Penzeys Spice store in Richmond.

Started on this last night.  I have heard through the book nerd grapevine that it’s very good.  I’m excited to get into it!



Have an excellent weekend!


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