Back from the Holiday Crush!

Okay so I know that I have totally and completely bailed on my blog during the past two weeks or so.  Shame on me but really this is no surprise.  I don’t know how many ways I can say that I just don’t keep up with stuff!

So anyway here is a quick re-cap of all the goings on, hope you had a great holiday season as well!!

We went to Christmas Town, Busch Gardens- there were lights and decorations, holiday beer and games!

Hubby and I went on a day trip to Richmond – There was a visit to a cider brewery and a tasting! We shopped, went to Penzy’s Spices, had a pizza and beer lunch and Barbecue dinner!

I made holiday goodies including my favorite – fudge!  Aaaand I even managed some time up at the Y to work off some of the holiday food madness!

I HAVE been reading but I have NOT been keeping up on my reviews! Shameful!!  My immediate goal is to get these books reviewed before I dive into anymore.  What I read:

Liked, Liked, LOVED!!  I’m a huge Grisham fan and this was a “just for me” pick but I’ll still write up a quick review.  I’ve read previous books by Tawni and enjoyed this one as well.  The Widow was something new and I highly enjoyed and recommend this one.  Several little shocker moments and characters that keep you guessing.  Love.

Not sure what’s next to hit my TBR pile!  I’ll be reading for a friend that works at a newspaper and needs some reviewers! Fun!  I’ll have to see what comes!


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