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Drip Drip Drop 1

It has been very grey and rainy Monday.  I braved the chaos and ran some shopping errands – then came home to the warm and dry and did some online shopping!  I much prefer the latter. Yesterday’s workout at the Y introduced me to a new arch nemesis:  The Lateral […]

sassy cat

sassy cat

Cheers to the Weekend 1

Fridays seem to lose a bit of the shine when you don’t have a “real job.”  Laundry, dishes and vacuuming are not 9-5 Monday -Friday chores.  But I still look forward to the weekends because even though the hubbs works from home, it means we have two days of no […]

Work It!

  Today the hubbs and I made another venture up to The Y.  It’s so quiet in there during the mid-day!  We are lucky to be able to sneak up there pretty much whenever the mood strikes…ah the joys of working from home. This was my first time in the […]

sassy cat