A New Year Begins

WELCOME TO 2016…..

After surviving the holidays, January brings Birthday Season in my family! Having a January birthday was cool as a kid because just as your bright and shiny Christmas stuff starts to get old – you get hit with a fresh round of loot.  This also meant 11.5 months of nothing which kind of sucks around mid summer.

I think the last of our nice weather has faded away and winter is finally here to stay.  We’ve had a few chilly days here now with more to come.  I think most people are ready for a change though, I know I am.

The beginning of the year means gardening catalogs are rolling in!  I love those!  This year presents a problem for me though and I’m pretty sure I will have just a small garden this year.  Since we’ve moved, I don’t have a spot set up yet.

I’m hoping springtime will allow me the chance to change up the yard a bit maybe pop in a few plants and be ready for next year! I do hope to get an herb garden set back up again quickly – I can’t do without my fresh herbs.

The kitties have been laying low over the past few weeks just relaxing and enjoying time off with dad but today is back to the grind.


Simon loves to snuggle with his sissy…

Over the weekend I read a really great book! This one will be published (expected) in May and should definitely end up on your shelf! It was the perfect mystery novel with tangled up and high strung characters, an edgy plot with plenty of drama and ‘didn’t see it coming’ moments. Mark your calendar and get your hands on it when it’s available!


On to another week!  Have a great Monday


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