Shopping, Snow and Such 2

This morning started out with a dusting of snow.  Not much but enough that people around here can lose their minds.  Last week was literally 80* and sunny…today it snowed.  From flip flops to parkas…what a mess!

Yesterday ended up in an exercise fail.  I went up to the Y for my barre class, it’s not really barre but it’s close and a real work out for me! I had intended to stay for the “Abs and more” class after.  I need all the abs and more workout I can get.  But sadly, after the 30 minutes of barre class my body intervened and said No way – go home and eat some fudge!

I retreated home to find the hubbs making dinner!  So great! I gave him a tortilla press for Christmas and he has declared 2016 the year of Mexican cooking. I say, You Go Man…cook away.

January is usually cut back month after the onslaught of holiday shopping. I hate January because of this. My newest addiction is shopping on Ali Express.  If you’ve never stumbled upon Ali Express…then don’t, no DO but be forewarned!

Ali Express is a part of Alibaba, which caters to small purchase amounts vs  large lot for resale. It is a Cave of Wonders treasure trove of all things.  I’m not much on the clothes and shoes side of it but many are!  I’m a fan of the kitchen gadget, chintzy jewelry, and make up.

YES- I know this is knock off make up.  I don’t care!  If I’m at a high end beauty store paying $30 for mascara then I care if it’s counterfeit.  When I’m shopping online and paying $2 for “close to” high end make up then I don’t care if it’s real or not as long as it does the job.

I’ve become hooked on this site!  I need an intervention.  Nothing is fast, it takes at least two weeks to get what you ordered.  But the excitement of waiting for stuff to come in from across the world is addicting.  Getting something that’s side by side identical to something you paid WAY to much for in a “real” store is a rush!

So that’s my cheap thrill for now.

Starting reading this:


I have not gotten very far into it but so far it’s intriguing.  It’s really part of a series that follows the main character detective guy, but it’s also supposed to work well as a stand-alone.  I have not followed the series but it would be good to go back and follow up with the other books if this turns out to be a winner.

Have a lovely day!



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