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Happy Bday to the Hubbs!!  Today begins Birthday Season.  There is a lot of cake in my family in January. It’s a blessing and a curse.  There are lots of “special” meals. It’s sad but true that we all just kind of get burned out on it all! You just can’t do it all.  Tonight will be some low key pizza and no real plans this year.

Today I’m proud of me!  It doesn’t happen often.  Today I averaged a 17 minute mile on my 5k treadmill work out.  Which really isn’t that great of a time..but it’s great for me.  It’s progress and sometimes progress is everything.

Finished this book up last night…. A-MAZ-ING!!! It was totally up my alley and I just loved, loved, loved it! 6 Stars!!!


Here is the catch…While I completely loved this novel, I can totally get that everyone wouldn’t.  So full disclosure – it’s sick.  It is psycho-thriller perfection and I loved every perverse and ruthless chapter.  It’s not full of senseless gore – but graphic violence is a theme.  I’m a fan of those Criminal Minds, and Dexter type t.v. shows and if you are as well, then this book will be your cup of tea. Good news is that this was published last July and you can snap it up right now!

Next up is this one:


Another in my preferred vein of thriller, crime novels I’ve been looking forward to this one as it has been reviewed well by fellow reviewers. It’s set to hit shelves January 19th so I’ll get cracking and have my thoughts on it for you by then.

Off to chat with the Birthday Boy..I could go for a nap but I’m struggling with if that makes my workout today pointless…Thoughts?


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