A Monster in My House 1



This little furry bundle of sweetness and love is a monster!  This should be a new secrete weapon of the FBI to interrogate the hardest of criminals. They would break… Simon could break anyone.

Simon is the feline Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He is incredibly sweet, and lovable and cute as all get out.  He’s also a HUGE talker and, at times, an all night partier and early morning riser.  We are sleep deprived these days as Simon has decided to rise before the sun.

I have four cats so I’m familiar with the antics of cats at strange hours.  I can deal with the running wild and toy chasing.  What we can’t deal with is Simons talkative nature.  He is hyper-vocal and some days….some days…he is just too much.  The love wears thin.  Today is one of those days.

On another note – today is a lazyish day of a few chores (just a few) and reading.  I am determined to meet my reading challenge of 50 books this year!  I have some fellow reader friends that make my goal of 50 look incredibly lacking but 50 is a good number for me I think.  It will push me to be involved in something most days but it’s not so many that I’ll feel pressured to read at every second.  I’m hoping a few hours a week on the treadmill helps my goal along as it is a great multi-tasking time saver.

Not too much going on today.  That is both good and bad.  Maybe I’ll get my coloring books out.  I got some new pencils for Christmas that I haven’t opened up yet.  I love that coloring has become such a thing!  We all need more time away from the internet!

Happy Monday!




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