Tuesday Troubles 2

So last night the monster was back…and he brought a friend.  At 2:30 a.m. I fled my comfy bed for the sofa in the den seeking silence.  A villainous snoring creature had invaded.

Predictably, Simon was up just as the sun cast the first rays of dawn. I snatched up my pillow and the offending yowling cat and retreated to the daybed in “my office / cat room” until a more appropriate hour to get up.  At some point, Grace and Mak decided to protest the closed door.  Anyone with cats knows that closed doors are just flat out unacceptable. So I grabbed my pillow and back to my real bed I went.

Finally, at ten to One, I dragged my butt out of bed.  I’m now sulking at the internet while drinking my hot chocolate pick-me-up.  It’s a hard life – I know. But seriously, being up all night is just not my thing anymore, unless I’m binge watching t.v. with snacks. An event reserved for when the hubbs is out of town.

No trip to the Y today as planned. I’m rebelling and not cleaning anything today either. I have a feeling today will end with wine…or rum…or maybe both.

Looking forward to Wednesday!




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