Thursday Tidbits 1

The resident Sassy Cats have been busy the past few days!  We’ve had some birds find the feeders we put up around Christmas and they have enjoyed watching the little finches and the squirrels!  I admit- so have I.


Lexie LOVES a goodie!  When I give Simon his nightly Prozac wrapped in a treat, I have to watch Miss Lex.  Well she ended up eating Simon’s treat the other day and spent the next 24 hours stoned. LOL it makes her very sleepy!  Her vet said it won’t harm her so nothing to worry about.  However, she was no trouble at all and spent yesterday napping.


Simon and Lexie spent some time bird watching and I was happy to get out the camera and take a few shots of them.  Since the move I’ve been neglecting Paparazzi opportunities.


They can be so sweet and peaceful when they want to be!  I think they are all enjoying the new house.

Books!  I sent my first review into my editor friend at her paper.  Kind of weird that I’ll have my name as a byline in a paper in a different part of the state! Still cool though.  I sent her my “official” review of Angels Burning by Tawni O’Dell, which I still recommend and for those that forgot -it hit shelves Jan 5.

Still working on The Good Goodbye by Carla Buckley.  It’s really good though!  I’ve just been side tracked and haven’t managed to finish it. It was available on Jan 12 and definitely a good one to get through these cold winter days.  I’ll be getting up a review soon.

Off to grab a slice of this fab Lemon Cake I made last night!  Recipe from Life, Love, and Sugar and it was a pretty easy one.


Happy Thursday!!!




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