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Happy Birthday to me!  We shall not discuss what number other than to say more than 20, less than 100.

No special plans today.  I had breakfast – with a mimosa, so that was fun.  Maybe something quick and easy later so I don’t have to cook dinner!  The hubs and I both want to see the new movie, The Revenant.  I love Leo and it looks really good.

Today was also gotcha day for my, now, Rainbow Bridge kitty, Friskie.  I always remember him on my birthday.  He was my first cat and I still love him dearly.


My Sweet, Sweet Boy


Today, making national headlines is a local police dog Krijger that lost his life in the line of duty this past week.  Of course, this is always sad.  But in more viral news, Anderson Cooper has donated vests for the entire K-9 unit of the Norfolk Police Department!  I love it, I now love him!!

However, this even is causing me to dust off and climb up on my big ole’ soap box…so pay attention!!

Why!? Why!? WHY!!!!

I am just appalled, disappointed, disheartened at the fact that these service dogs don’t have protective vests. I cannot comprehend that basic protective gear is not standard issue.  I’ve written my Senator and Congressmen.  The lives of these dogs should not depend on donations.

Ahem…back to our regularly scheduled program….

No books today…no treadmill today (though I should after breakfast).  Any breakfast that includes alcohol is a good thing.

Happy Weekend!!



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