Cold and…Snow? 1


This is all anyone on the east coast is talking about right now.  This includes where I live, and we are only supposed to get rain.  However it is really cold here.  We all knew it would happen eventually!

Virginia Beach is an odd place as far as weather goes, or more accurately, how people react to it.  You stay home if you can when it rains because people just don’t function well.  God help us all if it snows!! Just the threat of flurries will cause car accidents and empty grocery store shelves.

The only weather even I take seriously around here is hurricanes.  Mostly we all get jumpy for no reason due to the media but once in awhile we get hit and it just sucks big.

This has been my week:

花粉症 鼻水

This also sucks.  I’m finally at the point where I don’t really feel bad but I’m chained to a tissue box at all times.  I’m just annoyed by this.

I’m getting ready to start on a new book today – yeah me!  Hopefully I can get four done in the month of January.  I have high hopes for February also since the hubs may be out of town for work at some point.

A thankfully quiet day here on the home front.  The feline residents are all hunkered down in their heated blankets.

Stay warm!



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