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Winter is coming….

Grocery stores are bare. Children are home from school. It will take DAYS to dig out.

Seriously…this may be all we get.  I live in the 527 square mile section of the entire Mid-Atlantic and North East U.S. that’s supposed to get rain out of Winter Storm Jonas.  Guess we will see if the weather guys are right..

Speaking of weather guys, how many of ya’ll really get into forecasts and stuff.  I’m a weather addict. I check the weather online many, many times a day.  I get excited when I know a new model update is due for a storm or when it’s nearly time for the hurricane planes to go out again.  It’s such a nerdy thing.  I should have been a meteorologist but I think they “do math” and I certainly don’t “do math”.

My go to dude is Bernie Rayno on Accuweather.  I’m a Bernie groupie.

Anyhoo…Snow or a chilly rain predicted for the next two days is prime snuggle up and read weather!  I’m excited that I just finished book number 4 for January!

I knew I’d get this last one finished last night.  AND..the full reviews will be up over the weekend on goodreads.


In a nutshell, This was great!! Very fast paced and unique story.  Flora is our main character.  She’s kidnapped and kept for over a year!  She survives and this is her story after her return home.  It’s very thought provoking.  Not in a manner that this is a “deep” book, it’s not, it’s crime thriller fiction.  BUT it makes you think.  What would you do to survive?  Could you survive?  Would you want to?

It’s the kind of book that will stay with you for awhile.  It’s the kind of book that even though it’s’s also real enough.  That’s what makes it creepy.  We’ve all seen those absolutely unbelievable stories in the news..(looking at you Cleveland) and so yes, while far fetched at times, you CAN see this happening.

Lisa Gardner has authored more than 30 novels.  THIRTY!  As someone who claims her preferred genera is crime, thriller fiction – I’m ashamed!  I can’t believe I’ve never read anything of hers!  She’ll stay on my radar for sure.

Stay safe! Stay warm. If you live in my neck of the woods – Stay home!



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