Back in the Groove 2

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Between birthday goings on and being under the weather, it’s been nearly two weeks since I went to the Y for a work out of any kind.  Even though I was feeling better at the end of last week, I hadn’t made it back yet.

It was good to get up there today.  But good Lord, it has been busy!  The New Year/New Me gang is still around.  I’m told that by Valentine’s day things will smooth back out.  I’m avoiding any classes til then and just happy to work the resistance machines and truck along on the treadmill.  Today was a walk and read day and I like that.  I feel like such a multi-tasker.


This is what I’m currently reading.  I can’t say too much about it quite yet which is scary since I’m about 75% through it.  I don’t dislike it..I don’t like it.  I think the biggest thing is that it is truly unbelievable!  The story just lacks any credibility.  Yes, it’s fiction, but it’s still got to have some basis in reality.  The characters are good!  The writing is excellent! The setting is great!  But the actual plot is so meh. Meh should never happen in a Mystery/Thriller.  I think this should be more Adult Fiction than Thriller for sure.

In any event, I’m plugging through – it’s not a bad read at all – just not quite my shot of whiskey.

We managed to avoid the snow!  We ended up with an inch or so that stuck around and with the warm about to come through it won’t last another day.  I have many friends who are buried right now and I’m sure they would love to see it melt away quickly.

If you’re digging out, stay safe.  If you’re warm and dry then enjoy it, winter is not over!




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