Monthly Archives: February 2016

Happy Leap Day!

This year we get a whole extra day!  I’m never sure if it should be just one more day or if you should approach Leap Day with a seize the day attitude.  Play hookie from work, picnic outside, do something fun and revel in 24 extra hours. This year is less carpe diem and […]

Awwww Sheet! 2

Today my Fed-Ex driver made me very happy.  Tomorrow he’ll do it again! Before your imaginations run wild I’ll intervene and establish that he’s just delivering the new bed sheets I ordered!   I LOVE new sheets.  The newbies that arrived today are in the washer as I type. Today […]

Bike Day 1

My fan bike arrived today!!!  I ordered this about a month ago, it was back ordered.  It arrived today several weeks ahead of what I had planned on.  Yeah!  Sooner is (usually) always better. I can assume my superhero pose (Thanks Dr. Amelia Shepherd). I put the bike together by […]