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Yesterday was a whopping 74* here in Virginia Beach.  I spent part of the afternoon in a chair on my porch – reading, of course.  Makari was happy to take advantage of the sunshine through the front door.

What I was reading was Opening Belle by Maureen Sherry…which is celebrating  pub day today.  If you’re looking for a new read, head on over to your bookstore or fire up your e-reader and get it on Amazon.


This was an easy, fast read and if you’re looking for something kind of light then this is a good one.  Reese Witherspoon has optioned it for film and I think it will make an excellent movie.

Being upfront this was not my favorite book but it’s still a decent read and I’m sure will be really liked by many.  I personally had a hard time connecting with the characters but everyone likes different books for different reasons so this one is still on my Thumbs Up list.

Outside of the book world, I’ve ordered myself some essential oils.  I think I’m kind of late to the party on this one, but I’ve always heard such negative things about them and health issues.  So I did some research today and got that all sorted out.  Some of those brands are expensive!  I decided to dip a toe in the pool rather than dive all in so I selected just a few that were less pricey.  Over $50 a bottle was just too steep for a first time endeavor.  I’m excited to get them and see how they work out!


I’m envisioning lovely bath salts and scented towels and sheets.  Since we’ve switched the house over to all CFL bulbs and some LED, I don’t think they generate enough heat for that little trick but the next vacuum bag change will be scented!  Hope the hubby likes lavender and vanilla!!!

I’m also considering a new e-reader purchase.  Opinions welcome!!! I have the last Paperwhite (2013 version) and I’m trying to decide between the newer Paperwhite or go big with the newer Voyage. Let me know what you prefer to read on and why!

If you’re having some warm weather enjoy it!!





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One thought on “Tuesday Tidbits

  • Patty

    Aren’t the paperwhites the same until you get to the Voyage? Have you read reviews of it?

    I love oils…we use them everywhere! I put lavender on mattresses and pillows for a peace filled night’s sleep!