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I finally pulled the trigger and my new Kindle Voyage arrived today!  Sooo exciting!  And yes, totally a nerd-tastic thing to be excited by an e-reader.


Fortunately I’ve decided I don’t care and I’m waving my book geek flag freely.  Any one of my reader friends will appreciate my excitement over my new toy.

I will also happily admit that I didn’t watch a single second of the Superbowl yesterday…not even a commercial LOL.  I spent my afternoon tucked away finishing When Breath Becomes Air.


This is one of those rare books that makes you take stock.  I won’t get up on any soapbox and tout how life-changing and spiritual this book was.  I’m not that gal.  But I will say this book will have an effect on anyone who reads it.  Pauls narration of his illness and death is a journey that will resonate with nearly everyone on some level.



I also finished Flight of Dreams over the weekend.  Lovely book.  I do adore historical fiction (more nerdiness!).  I think it takes a special talent to write in this genera.  Proper research is essential and extremely time consuming.  The author must become somewhat of an expert and still create a fictional story that is layered in actual events and people. Flight of Dreams is a perfect example of an author doing this extremely well.  This novel hits shelves on Feb 16…I’ll be sure to remind you!

I’m off to cozy up with my new Voyage!  Happy Monday all!!




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One thought on “Totally Nerding Out

  • Patty

    I am so glad that you loved Field Of Dreams! Isn’t the cover so beautiful? You have to tell me if you see a difference in the reading screen on the Voyage!