Back on Track 1

Happy Friday!  It’s the weekend!!!

Last night was FINALLY the return of TGIT and Shondaland.  Can I just say how lost I am when Grey’s Anatomy is off for the winter hiatus?  Really – it just sucks.  BUT we are back and Thursdays will once again have meaning….at least until summer.

I celebrated the return with a red wine (Oliva Pope’s favorite) with a new choice.  I liked the name and it reminded me of Cristina. Oh how I do miss Cristina Yang.  Apothic Dark…I wish it was Apothic Dark and Twisty.


We are expecting a little snow here at the beach this afternoon….well sort of, depending on who you ask.  The local news seems to be predicting an inch or two while the larger forecasters are saying a up to an inch.  Last night they started closing schools or giving early release…Yes that’s right – the kiddos are out of school long before the first flake falls, if it actually does snow at all.  Oh the insanity!


I do like the snow and hope we get just a little bit.  I’ll snuggle up with the Sassy Cats and read on the sofa with the fakey fireplace.  I do love that thing!

I’ve finished my first book on the Voyage and love it.  Those page press buttons are wonderful!  I’ll be delving into another pretty soon. I’ve sort of put myself in a time-out until I get some stuff written up.  Procrastination has always kinda been my thing.

Enjoy your snow…read something good this weekend!!


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