At-Home Day 1

This Monday is of the cold, gray and dreary sort.  It’s been snowing and then raining all day.  It’s a great day to curl up and read.  The other evening I broke out my great grandmothers china tea set and had a fancy cuppa and a nosh.


I have declined to go up to the Y today…yes, out of sheer laziness.  Well, that and a weather induced headache.  Somehow I don’t think pounding the treadmill is going to help the throbbing in my skull.

Tomorrow is an exciting day!  Sassy Cat Chat will be participating in our first Blog Tour!  Expect to see our regular post tomorrow and an additional post for the book tour for The Widow.  Several books are celebrating pub day tomorrow so be sure to check out our daily post to get the low down.

Yesterday was Valentines Day…it’s not really a big deal holiday for me and the hubs. Some years we do gifts or dinners. Some years we just opt out. We spent the afternoon running errands – it was nice to just spend the day together.  The main objective was to re-stock the kitty pantry!


Mission accomplished!  This will keep the felines happy for awhile.  They get a can of something most everyday between the four of them.  Yes, our kitties eat canned tuna from Whole Foods.  The particularly love the Skipjack.  Spoiled. Rotten.

Off to take care of this headache!  Happy Monday


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