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Today makes day 2 of a screaming headache.  It is a TOTAL pain in the ass to have your head pounding for two days.  The Sassy Cats, I’m sure, are sick of mommy’s Cat-itude.  Admittedly, I am grouchy.

Today, I did a special release-day spotlight for the book blog tour for The Widow.  Hope you had a chance to catch that one and I really hope you get the chance to pick up the book.

In even more literary news, today happens to be pub day for another book I have mentioned to you.   The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton hits shelves today. Check out my full review on Amazon or click over to Good Reads by following the link on the side bar.


Since I’ve been a little down and out there is not terribly much to share.  It’s nice and warm today compared to the last several and the clouds have finally departed.  I’m hoping they take the remains of my headache with them!

Happy Tuesday!



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