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Today I’m posting a Throwback Thursday.  I don’t usually do this weekly event, but that’s because I never remember.

This Thursday is kind of a red-dot day on the calendar though.  A sad but not sad day.  Two years ago we said goodbye to our dog Buddy.  That’s always a hard day.

I grew up with dogs, most of the time we had more than one.  However, after Buddy passed on, the hubs and I decided we would be cat people. When you lose a pet there is always a hole in your life.  Losing Buddy and not having a dog at all has been a huge adjustment, both good and bad.



I say often that while I miss Buddy – I do not miss having a dog.  Though sometimes I swear I can still hear him snoring at night.  While I don’t miss 5 potty breaks a day or cleaning doggie snot off the walls – I do miss his squeaky toys and him playing with the cats.  He loved the cats even if they didn’t always love him.

Buddy was never the kind of dog that I expected would save my life.  He was always more likely to ask a robber for a cookie than to bark at him. There is a sense of security in having a dog that is lost in having only cats.  I have no doubt my cats would only be upset that anyone who broke in interrupted nap time.

So today is dedicated to my Sassy Dog instead of my Sassy Cats.  Buddy was a sweet and completely rotten dog and we shared 13 and a half years with him.


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