Friday Fun 1


Somehow today was absorbed completely by taking Simon in to see his vet.  He was due for his yearly and he has this weird thing going on with his arm. Yes, the vet even confirmed it was strange.  I just love that – no not really.  You know you’re in for trouble when a doctor of any kind is like “hmmm…we’ll this is strange”.  You can just hear the money being sucked from your bank account.

But really – I love our veterinary practice.  We are very lucky.  Especially since mine seem to end up there often.

So for today, Simon had some skin scrapings, a steroid injection and a prescription to be filled.   Good LORD!  I went everywhere and still had to have this junk ordered!  Kitty sized dosages are a problem at people pharmacies.

We are hoping his medication will get rid of this issue.  He has bacteria (not so strange) and yeast (strange) on a patch of his skin that he has licked bald.  Our next option is allergies or demodex…neither are options I’m thrilled about.

In other news – not much!  This weekend promises to be really nice so that’s a plus!  I’ve had a few days time-off from reading anything which is nice.  Sometimes you just need a break.  I’ll be back to the grind soon enough.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


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One thought on “Friday Fun

  • Patty

    Well…I hope that helps Simon…and the weather sounds good! Sometimes we need a break from things…even ones we love to do…don’t I sound so philosophical?