Bike Day 1


My fan bike arrived today!!!  I ordered this about a month ago, it was back ordered.  It arrived today several weeks ahead of what I had planned on.  Yeah!  Sooner is (usually) always better.

I can assume my superhero pose (Thanks Dr. Amelia Shepherd).


I put the bike together by myself! It really wasn’t that hard and the directions were pretty clear.  I’ll have the hubs give everything a final tighten down when he can.

This project is rated  middle-finger.  One middle finger since I didn’t have to curse once or throw ANYTHING in frustration.  The hardest part was getting all the parts out of all the packing and tape.  I had the whole thing unpacked, built and cleaned up in about an hour.  Then I took a 41 minute ride to a Grey’s Anatomy episode on Netflix.

This week my goal is to play catch up!  I’ve got reviews piling high and books stacking up fast!!  I need to buckle down and burn through some of my to-do list.  It’s getting Serious!

Hope your week is off to a great start!





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