Awwww Sheet! 2

Today my Fed-Ex driver made me very happy.  Tomorrow he’ll do it again!


Before your imaginations run wild I’ll intervene and establish that he’s just delivering the new bed sheets I ordered!   I LOVE new sheets.  The newbies that arrived today are in the washer as I type.

Today in book news – it’s pub day for two new novels that I’ve shared with you!


Both of these are novels really worth the read.  Flight Of Dreams was excellent and I highly recommend it.  Check out my full reviews on Good Reads or walk on the wild side and just pick up that kindle and download them both.

The Sassy Cats are enjoying some rainy day laziness today.IMG_20160217_173839

I think I’ll make some hot tea and join them!  Blueberry black tea is one of my favorite teas to make!  Definitely  something I don’t want to be without. Find it at Bar Harbor Tea online.  I am dying to try the cranberry tea also!

Have a great Tuesday!


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