Happy Leap Day!


This year we get a whole extra day!  I’m never sure if it should be just one more day or if you should approach Leap Day with a seize the day attitude.  Play hookie from work, picnic outside, do something fun and revel in 24 extra hours.


This year is less carpe diem and more laundry.  Sad, I know. But the hubs has returned from the latest business trip and dumped his weeks worth of laundry on the already growing pile of my own.



It is pretty nice outside and I’m hoping to take Simon out for a walk in his stroller.  He loves to get out and smell the air and chat with the neighbors.  He’d prefer to walk but we make him ride for his own good.

In book news this week:

I have finished a few new ones and all have been different shades of pretty good.


An advanced reminder that The Passenger by Lisa Lutz hits shelves tomorrow.  Be sure to snap this one up – it’s great and a big buzz book so far this year!



Spring is fast approaching and that means yard work, days in the sunshine and reading outside all afternoon.  I can’t wait for longer days and warmer weather!!

Happy Monday!




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