Thursday Things… 1

Thursdays are always a day to look forward to, for me anyway.  It’s Grey’s day!  I know that at some point in the future this show will be canceled and Thursday will become a wasteland…like a Monday. But for the past decade Thursdays are happy days.

This week has been dreadfully slow!  I have a list of things to do and none have been checked off.  We have even more incoming rain.  I am over rainy cold days.  I also think I’m more susceptible to these weather induced headaches than I used to be so that’s another reason to be over the crap weather.

LaIMG_20160302_211113st night I made cupcakes!  I love yellow cake and chocolate frosting.  This was a new recipe – it’s okay.  It is cake so it can’t ever be that bad.






The kitties have enjoyed days of snoozing. Simon has been quite helpful with folding sheets and keeping my desk top clear.


Books Book Books!  I’m becoming swallowed by my TBR pile.  Nothing with a pub date for the next few weeks so I have some breathing room (or reading room!).



Happy Reading!!


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