Ho Hum Friday 2

March is upon us and it really doesn’t feel like Spring yet….at all.  We are definitely feeling the “lion” side of the month but I’m longing for the “lamb”.   It’s another grey day and I am itching for afternoons in the sunshine.

La10657102-Young-girl-brushing-her-teeth-Stock-Vector-cartoonst night, the hubs and I went to Costo.  We really need stay out of that place- we practically live there.  But our mission was to get new Sonicare toothbrushes.  He’s had one before, years ago, but I’m new to the whole deal.  A toothbrush with an instruction booklet is interesting.




After charging overnight, I used mine first thing this morning.  The jury is still out on how I like it.  It’s different for sure and is an adjustment.  My teeth feel dentist fresh though so that’s a positive.



My latest kitchen endeavor is making sourdough bread.  You can make so many things with sourdough starter and not all of them have that “sourdough” taste.  The starter is used as the leavening agent and not only for flavor, though that part is good too!  It takes some time to get it going but it’s looking good so far.  Maybe I’ll get my first loaf in the oven tomorrow.

I really need to get back on the book wagon!  I’ve let myself slide and it’s catching up. Hope to start something new later on today.  I have an ever growing pile to choose from!

Have a great weekend!


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