Let’s Talk Clubs…. 2


Being the huge reader that I am, I have a few fellow close book nerd buddies.  Several of my bookish friends are online friends some are “real”people friends. Some of us share in what we enjoy reading, some of us read from totally different ends of the library spectrum.

None of my friends are in any “book clubs”, though I  know some people who do enjoy participating in these.

To Club or not to Club???  This is my question.

How many of you are in a book club?  Have you participated in one before and opted out? Are you dying to be a part of a book club and just haven’t found one yet?

Do you (or would you) prefer a physical club that meets up at a local place or an online club?  These online groups of book lovers are growing quickly. Good Reads offers several.

For me, I could never get my mind around reading a book that someone assigned me.  Too reminiscent of school homework maybe.  Though I’m less picky now than I used to be, I still like to select for myself.  I can’t imagine slogging through a book that I just couldn’t get into.

In Book News:

Lots of requests are rolling in for me to review books from authors or agents.  This is so great and thanks to all of you who would like me to read and review your book!

I finished Lilac Girls last night.  It comes out in April so expect a pub day reminder on that one, but honestly, just pre-order it now.  It was truly, truly amazing.  I have so much love for this one!  Martha Hall Kelly did a super fantastic job in this piece of historical fiction.  Love Love Love!!


Enjoy any warm weather you are lucky enough to have!  Get outside and prop up your feet and open up something amazing to read!


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Clubs….

  • Patty

    Not sure about book clubs…I have never wanted to be in one mostly because when I am done with a book…I am done…and ready for the next one…I don’t even want to really talk that much about it…

    How are you dealing with requests? Are you reading all of them?

  • LisaD

    Yes, I think too that’s a reason why I don’t do the clubs. If we met once a month I would have long forgotten the book I was reading for it! The requests are fun. Books showing up in the mail is like Christmas! Reading some….some excellent, some not so much.