A Reviewer’s Dilemma 3

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Being a book reviewer and blogger is no doubt a fun hobby for anyone who loves to read and share opinions.  I’m lucky enough that some of my reviews even appear in a newspaper.  But sharing your opinions about a book does come with a down side – or at least a lingering question…

When faced with writing a review about a book you just didn’t like – what do you do?  Write an unfavorable opinion or just let that book fall off the map and pretend it never happened?

For any responsible reader/reviewer this is a dilemma.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that, no matter how much you disliked a book, that it was someones hard work that you are challenged with giving an opinion of.  Someone agonized over each page.  To summarily dismiss it is  harsh – especially when, at heart, it’s merely YOUR opinion.


That book you hated?  The one you trashed completely? Well, someone else loved it. That’s also hard to swallow as a reviewer.  Hating something that others found a lot to love about or vice versa.  We just can’t fathom everyone won’t feel the some way we do about a book.

Regardless of your love or hate for a book, I think it’s most responsible to share your opinion. You can’t love everything you read.  I try to give the benefit of the doubt and hope others will like what I just could not.

Be charitable and give that extra half star in your rating.  Don’t lose sight that someone worked very hard on that novel you may wish never landed in your pile.

May you find some love for all the books you read!




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3 thoughts on “A Reviewer’s Dilemma

  • Patty

    Those are very grown up thoughts! I try to approach a book that I don’t like as kindly as possible. I try to always find something unique in it…on the other hand…I try not to read anything I am not going to love…it works most of the time…heeheehee…

  • BermudaOnion

    I think it’s fine to say you don’t like a book especially if you explain why. You might not like a book because it was too scary and that could be just the element to draw someone else in.