The Big 2-0 1


I finished my 20th book of the year last night!  A nerdy celebration  but bookworms will appreciate this.

The Little Pairs Bookshop was an enjoyable and easy read.  It was a lazy summer day kind of book.

My goal of 50 is looking attainable this year!


This past week I got some lovely book mail from my friend at the paper!  I’m all set for spring reading!  I hope I can get through them all – I also have a digital stack of lovelies awaiting me on the kindle.  I can’t wait to read these!


Today is a wonderful spring day!  The windows are all open and the sassy cats are in heaven.  They make me nervous all sprawled out in the open windows but they love it.

I also have our ceiling fans on!  This is quite the victory.  When we first moved into this house Simon was terrified of the ceiling fans!  He didn’t even like them when they were off!  We are slowly making some progress and they can be on the low setting now.

Hoping you are enjoying your Monday!


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One thought on “The Big 2-0

  • Patty

    Love your book stash…it’s the life of a Reviewer! I bet you will read more than 50 books this year…and next year 100! I have Missing Pieces and I can’t believe I have not read it yet. I loved the Elizabeth Brundage book…I bet you will, too. The others are totally unfamiliar to me!