My Brain is Melting!! 2

Thanks to the resident I.T. Department, the hubs, we are up and running on the new dot com website.  It’s been a few days of getting things figured out, email set up and tinkering with plug-in’s for the blog.  My brain hurts!  I’ve had a lot to concentrate on for the past few days.  Luckily, the hubs is literally a pro at this tricky computer stuff!

Our week of vacation turned into a week of sloth.  The weather didn’t really cooperate for any fun-ness outside other than on Monday, so we spent the week kind of being lazy.  I spent the week wandering around wondering what on EARTH to do with myself whilst on my reading -hiatus.  I’m glad vacation is almost over and I can get back to putting my nose in a book all day.

This leads to a new weekly post I’ll be participating in.  On Mondays, I’ll be joining the It’s Monday, What Are You Reading list hosted by The Book Date.  This started out as a meme that is now hosted on a blog run by Kathryn and I’m excited to join up!

It's Monday! What Are You Reading

Since this is the first post for Sassy Cat Chat on the new site, I’m hoping all of my followers are updated as normal.  Please hang in there if we have any kinks to work out!  Make sure you hit the side bar links to follow on Twitter to keep up between posts!

Happy Weekend!


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