Ready For Summer 1

Spring is playing hide and seek around my area and I have to say…I’m over it.  The beautiful days seem to slip right back into cold and rain.  I’m ready for warm.  I’m ready for buying flowers and making planters.

I’m ready to be this girl!!  beach-sand-girl-shore-53120

I’m  wanting to make hanging planters for my front porch this year.  I’ve never made hanging baskets as I’ve never had anywhere to PUT any.  At the new house we have a long covered front porch and I have a beautiful place to hang flowers.  I love it.  But I can’t decide what to plant in them!  Some of it will depend on what I can find.  However, I need a plan.  I’m good with a plan.  Do I go for all one type of flower?  All one color but mixed types of flowers?  A total hodgepodge mix of color and flowers? Soooo many choices.  I’m leaning toward mixed flowers in the same color. Any thoughts or suggestions on what to use?

Flower Planter

In book news this week – I’m making progress on my Monday read and I’m liking it a lot.  The story is still coming together but it’s full of people with secrets and family members suspiciously murdered.  Everyone looks guilty!  No one looks guilty!  I’m dying to figure it out.

Missing Pieces

Sassy Cat Grace may be in need of a trip to the vet 🙁  She is less than compliant in letting me look at her teeth but – the breath is bad!!  Time to schedule a cleaning before we end up losing teeth I suppose.  So that’s on my To-Do list.  Taking Grace to the vet is an experience.  She’s rotten.  No, shes not, she is very afraid and that makes her rotten.  But she’s cute! Grace

That’s all for today! Have a great one


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