New Garden and Prep Work

So this week I’ve been weeding out an overgrown flower bed to make a nice new spot for my herb garden. It’s a work in progress but looking good so far.  As much as I complain about the “yard work” I do miss my big garden and love to spend time outside in the dirt with the plants. In another month is will all be lush and green and full of goodies for my kitchen.

Herb Garden


This week has ended up leaving me a bit more hectic than I’d hoped.  I’m scheduled for a sinus surgery on Monday – it was much faster than I expected.  So you’ll also probably not be seeing too much of me next week.  I have no clue how much reading I’ll be up to but I’m counting on being able to get at least some in while I’m laying around.  This week is full of chores that won’t get done for awhile – yuck.

I’ve decided to add a new segment to the blog and I’m thinking it will be a weekly addition, probably on Fridays.  The point of the new segment is to give you the quick low down on books that I’ve finished during the week.   Face it, we don’t always have time for loooong reviews so while my formal review will always be on GoodReads,  my goal is to give you the short and sweet version in about 150 words .  Keep an eye out for The Sassy Scoop coming up on Friday and let me know what you think.

In boI Let You Gook news, I’ve started a new one and it’s soo good. I was just trucking away at and halfway through we took a major turn and now I’m all upside down in what’s going on.  I love books with major plot twist that you just never saw coming.  I’m certain that this one will be on my recommend list!







Happy Hump Day!!


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