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My to- do list is growing!  Well, I suppose there has always been a long list to get checked off before Monday – maybe it’s just not shrinking as fast as I wanted. Today, I’m going to need some serious motivation…and caffeine.

Deweys Readathon

Saturday is the Readathon!  I’m not sure of my participation level anymore (hello to do list) but I am sure I will carve out at least a bit of time.  I guess I’ll look forward to October!  For those of you that haven’t heard of the Readathon, it’s a twice a year bookworm holiday!  We read and participate in mini challenges and blog and tweet about our day on social media.  This is my first time participating but if you have no real plans for Saturday then you can check it all out here.

As promised, today brings the first installment of  super short book reviews.  This will be a Friday Feature and include books I’ve completed during the week and will be rated with a 0-5 “paw” rating.

Sassy Scoop

Missing Pieces is the newest novel from author Heather Gudenkauf (One Breath Away, Little Mercies) and is a fab and fun mystery.

Sarah is married to Jack who sadly lost his parents as a teen but she knows little about the circumstances or about Jacks family in general. When Jack gets a call that his aunt has been hurt, they trek back to his hometown for the first visit in decades.

Sarah finds opportunity to start secretly digging into Jacks past and she finds herself uncovering things she really doesn’t want to know. The story twists and turns around the mystery of Jack’s parents. Heather does a great job of teasing her reader with what’s to come. It’s a fast paced novel and an easy read.  Available Now!!

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Have a great weekend guys! Be sure to get out and enjoy the spring.


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