Friday and Rainy Day Blues 1

It seems that the entire east coast is socked in by rain.  The cloudy and rainy days continue here too.  I’m not really bothered by the rain, drizzle, and thunderstorms but I really am tired of it being damp and cold.  I’m in serious need of some sunshine.

Lexie has been lazing away the rain but I can tell she’s in the mood for some sun too.


This weekend is Mother’s Day!  Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday no matter if you have kids or not.  I’m sure we’ll be getting together with my end of the family for some sort of lunch/dinner.  No real plans have been made yet.  Since we all live pretty close, stuff just seem to come together last minute.

In Book News…

Sassy Scoop

It’s Friday, so it’s time for The Sassy Scoop.  A quick recap of what I read this week and what I thought about it.

This week I wrapped up Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins.   It’s set to release as a film in October and I wanted to check it out before the movie hits so I got the audio version.  If I had to define it in one word, it would be crazy.  The characters are a nuts, the story it kinda crazy too.  Not the total mystery thriller I’d been hoping for considering the buzz this book has had.  It was pretty good – but not great.  I think I was not in love with the audio version of this.  The narrators kind of threw me and it made it hard to get vested in the characters.  It felt very chaotic with the back and fourth between people and in the timeline of events.

I also wrapped up All Is Not Forgotten which will come out in July 2016.  This one I really enjoyed.  Partially because it felt very original.  The writing was really great.  The basic run down is a girl is raped at a high school party.  Her parents decided to give her a very controversial treatment to sort of “erase” the memories of what happened before she ever wakes up from the attack.  The thing is that it only sort of works.  Jenny has lingering questions and emotions she just can’t come to terms with.  Ultimately, she ends up in therapy to help recover any part of what happened to her.  Rumor is that Warner Brothers is turning this into a film at some point.  Reese Witherspoon is involved and may be playing Jenny’s mother.  I’ll be looking forward to that if it all comes together.

That’s pretty much it for me! Have a great weekend




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