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Today is all about aesthetics!  The Books and Blogs and how they look.

By the Cover

How often do you judge a book by its cover?

I would say this is something we are all guilty of. How a book looks when you first see it on a shelf or run across an image online makes a huge impact on if you pick it up or click a link to find out more.  NetGalley even wants you to give a thumbs up or down on covers and highlights the most loved each month.

Bloggers are always posting pictures of books they have “Cover Love” for .  Bookstagram is a huge thing on Instagram now.  What a book cover looks like is more important than ever.

For me,  as much as I may LOVE a particular books cover – it’s got to give me a clue as to what’s on the pages.  I’m always disappointed when a cover is mismatched, or misleading as to the book itself.  A bad cover can certainly hurt a good book, but a great cover will never make up for a bad book.

Your Style

As a book blogger branding is important. The colors, fonts and style of review all come together to make a blog’s “brand”.  What makes your all of your various content immediately recognizable to the people looking for you. 

Here at Sassy Cat Chat, all of these things have had a recent and major overhaul.  I’ve been eating and sleeping brand and style for weeks and I’m SUPER thrilled with the new website.

Developing a logo was key for me.  I love my little black cats and think they match up with what the blog is all about.  They are fun and whimsical…if only I could have one reading a book!

Color was another big one for me.  I love this aqua blue color and I use variations on my main color for everything.  I think color combined with a logo (a black cat in this case) gives me some instant recognition when posting or commenting on various sites.

My gravitar when I comment on other blogs is my blog logo, it’s also my Twitter profile image.  I think getting it out there gets people to associate with my blog – or at least it’s an image someone may recognize seeing over and over and it could lead them to check out the blog.

Since the site makeover is still pretty new (about a month) I’m still adding little things and working on some things such as format.  I’d like to reach a consistency with the way posts look so people know what to expect.  I think blogging is an ever changing and ever evolving thing.

I’d love to hear comments about the new look!  What do you like?  Anything that bugs you?  What do you fellow blogger do that you think makes the biggest “brand” impact for you?

Thanks for stopping by!


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3 thoughts on “Got The Look

  • Linda

    The cats are adorable and “sassy”, just perfect. Color choice is a matter of preference, but personally I love the aqua!! A labor of love well done, congratulations.

  • Lori @ Palmer's Page Turners

    I’m glad you found my blog so I could find your blog!! Black cats are my favorite–I always say that if I ever won the lottery I’d open up a Black Cat rescue. I have a black cat, a tuxedo cat, and a black Lab. Anyway, I totally agree with you about covers! It irritates me when the cover doesn’t line up with the story. And I LOVE the design of your blog! I didn’t see the “before” to compare, but I love the cat design, and the color is beautiful and still allows for easy reading. Love it!!!