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It's Monday, what are you reading

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What’s Going On…

Today looks to be day 4 of hard labor.  Yard work!  More yard work.   The hubs and I have taken advantage of a nice weekend and made some major progress on the backyard makeover.  I got my tiny garden planted and I love it.  It’s just enough and such a far cry from the over 200 sq ft I am used to tending.

The hubs spent his weekend pulling up many, many bricks and paving stones.  Yeah hubs! Today my goal is to get the pathway planted with ground cover plants.  It will be so pretty when it fills in.  I’m looking forward to some outdoor reading in the new space very soon.  I think there is a covered swing in my future.

I’m behind on reading but I guess I have a good reason.

In Book News…

This week I’m reading June by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore.  Next, I’ll be moving on to The Faces of Strangers by Pia Padukone

June The Faces of Strangers

Latest Review…

Hard Labor and Monday ReadingArmadillos by Pauline Lynch
Published by Legend Press on April 1st 2016
Pages: 288

A moving and compelling debut from Pauline Lynch, due for publication in April 2016.
Aggie is fifteen, a ‘sub’ from a ‘sub’ family, one of Texas’ downtrodden. Her father and brother enact that ‘sub’-ness on her, week in, week out. She has only the vaguest notion that there is something wrong with the abuse she endures and instead dreams of the outside world.
And then one day, Aggie walks out. But, like the armadillos that flourish in Texas’ barren landscape, she is a survivor.
In her escape, she gravitates to those who are just as maltreated as her. They offer Aggie the sense of family, albeit a thoroughly dysfunctional one, that she’s been searching for. But when she gets embroiled in a crisis involving stolen money, Aggie soon realises there are some problems you can’t run away from.

My Thoughts:

When Aggie comes of age, she suddenly becomes aware of what’s been going on in her home right under her nose.  Now old enough to attract the attentions of her father and brother, Aggie struggles with the wrongness of her home life.  

With no more than the clothes on her back and shoes on her feet, Aggie breaks free of a life she knows she can’t bare to live.  After failing to convince her sister to join her, she’s all on her own – but she’s a survivor.

While hitchhiking to no particular destination, Aggie encounters a myriad of characters.  She meets homeless girl named Freak who takes Aggie under her wing and to a home that’s occupied by a group of squatters.  This group is a mixed bag of people all with sordid stories: some with good hearts and intentions and some Aggie has to be wary of.

Eventually Aggie realizes that her family is something she has to come terms with in order to truly be free.  She loves and misses the sister she abandon and longs to convince her that she too can turn her back on the misery.  Aggie returns home to confront her father and brother but all doesn’t go as planned.

Armadillos is a story of survival – of choosing your life rather than having life just happen to you. Kudos to Pauline Lynch for telling Aggie’s story in such a compelling novel.  It is raw and gritty and Aggie and her story will keep you invested until the very end.  It’s one of those novels that stays with you long after you’ve read the last page.

Have a Fab week!!


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