What’s Up Wednesday

What’s Going On…

Yesterday was grocery shopping day.  I am always  amazed at how I can walk into a huge ass Walmart (or Target for that matter) with a carefully prepared shopping list and the store will simply not have the most basic shit.  I’m talking lettuce people.  HOW IS WALMART OUT OF LETTUCE???



It also poured rain here yesterday.  The kind of rain that makes you feel like someone is just throwing buckets of water at you.  I’m all for a nice, light rainy day but this was insanity.




Today I’m going to lunch with  the fam.  My Grandmother likes Olive Garden so we’ll be taking her there.  It totally negates my renewed commitment to shed some weight…but oh well.

Major progress in the back yard overhaul.  Here is my tiny garden and the pathway!  I LOVE the pathway and it will be so pretty when all the plants fill in.  I’m excited about it.  I’m still on the hunt for a few things to finish up.  Another citrus tree, some pots, maybe a hydrangea.

My Garden

Just a few plants to satisfy my green thumb.

Garden Pathway

I made these paw print stepping stones! Too much cute!



My cute and cuddly sassy cats are enjoying a nap.  You’ll notice there are only 3 of the 4 as Grace is not the cuddly sort. Lexie, Simon and Makari are happy to share the daybed.

That pretty much wraps up Wednesday.  I’m still plugging through my current read, June. Tomorrow is the Grey’s Anatomy season finale – Thursdays will be lonely for the summer.




Enjoy your day!


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